Success Stories

"I have played sports most of my life (hockey, snowboarding, soccer), and have had many injuries.  My most recent injury was a very bad concussion (compounded by a car accident and another concussion within 2 years).  I have seen several acupuncturists, but I liked Brianna's approach the best; I found I got more out of her treatments than I did with other acupuncturists.  She also used cupping for me, which I think was a major breakthrough for my recovery. I really felt the benefit from it.  Brianna is an amazing person, with a wonderful, caring, and calming energy.  I would highly recommend Brianna to any of my family or friends"- Kathleen

"I recently went to Alberta to visit my mother and get her cabin ready for winter.  I spent the entire time working. Hard labour!  Chainsaw, repairing the fence, building a deck, laying bricks, among other tasks and my shoulder feels outstanding!  I'd say I'm 90-95% fully recovered!  Every now and again I'll feel a little something something, but it was just a reminder of how far I have come!  So, thank-you!" - Ryan

"I am very thankful for your help with myself and Nolan. Nolan has made a full recovery and made the soccer team so he's feeling pretty awesome. I have finally gotten some movement between the doctor and lawyer and have been referred to a specialist for continuing head injury symptoms. You helped me through a really tough part of this journey, and I thank you whole heartedly"           - Anila 

"I had been struggling with shoulder and arm pain, due to working on my computer, for about 9 months. It was painful and I was discouraged. I went to see Brianna, and after several sessions of acupuncture and some sound advice, I am confident I will make a full recovery"

"Thank you for your careful treatment and sound advice, Brianna. It has been very useful. You have a strong sense of vocation that is consistent with what I understand as Lao Tzu's taoist philosophy and the practice of tai chi. I do intend to resume my connection with you in the hope that it can help counter the progression of Parkinson's. Your approach is exemplary" - Michael

"I just wanted say  thank you for helping me in my asthma, I enjoyed your effective treatment and suggestions with what I should and should not eat for my condition that seemed to help me a lot" - Kenji

"My headaches are gone! I was very sick when I returned from the Alaskan Cruise.  I had bronchitis.  It took almost 7 weeks to start feeling better.  But guess what?  The only headaches I had, was when I was really sick. I hardly get them now. I thought you needed to know that. I am sure it was the acupuncture treatments that helped" - Lynda

"I so appreciate who you are and your exquisite work. You are such a young enthusiastic and yet wise healer" - Baeleay

"First off, I just want to thank you again!  I feel fantastic!! I feel like I don't even know I was ever in pain…it's an odd feeling!