What to Expect

Your appointment will begin with a thorough intake of your past and present health history, and your practitioner will discuss the nature of your current concerns. Traditional Chinese Medicine is wholistic in its diagnostic approach and it is important for your practitioner to look at many aspects of your health, as they may be related to your condition.

Your practitioner will take a look at your tongue and take moment to feel your pulse. Believe it or not, the quality of your pulse and the color and coating of your tongue are very good indicators of what is happening in your body. This examination assists in making an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Treatment plans are different for each patient and vary depending on the severity of your concerns. It is common for some patients to see results immediately or within four to eight treatments, while others with more severe or chronic ailments will need a longer course of treatment. During your appointment, your practitioner will tailor a unique plan to your needs and work with you to see results.